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Friday March 15, 2024

09:00 – 10:50

Session 12: Performance under service-like conditions

Chaired by G.P. De Gaudenzi and P. Achuthan


09:00 – 09:30 Keynote: Hardmetal circular manufacturing: Fe and SAF2205 duplex steel-bonded WC and NbC-based hardmetal for improved face-milling of aerospace-grade AA7010-T7651

R.M. Genga, N.P. Mphasha, T. Nhlanhla, G. Peters, D.E.P. Klenam, M.O. Bodunrin, T. Steenkamp,        C. Polese, P. Zeman, A. Janse van Vuuren


09:30 – 09:50 Study of initial notch wear during turning of stainless steel

L. J. Sirtuli, D. Boing, V.Bushlya, S. Norgren

09:50 – 10:10 Investigation on crucial geometric parameters and service life cycle of CBN grains on an in-service honing tool

S. Fang


10:10 – 10:30 On the wear mechanisms of uncoated and coated PCBN tools during turning of 17-4 PH martensitic stainless steel

A. Bjerke, J. Casas, F. Lenrick, J.M. Andersson, R. M'Saoubi, V. Bushlya


10:30 – 10:50 Effect of femtosecond laser surface modified WC and NbC based inserts during the face-milling of automotive grey cast iron (GCI)

M. Rabothata, R. Genga, N. Mphasha, K. Phaka, N. Nelwalani, S. Ngongo, C. Polese, S. Huang, J. Vleugels

10:30 – 11:00 Coffee / Tea Break

11:20 – 12:45

Session 13: The Future of Hard Materials


11:20 – 11:30 Presentation of the ResQTool project, J. Pötschke


11:30 – 11:40 Presentation of the AIM-NEXT Doctoral Network, L. Llanes

11:40 – 12:30 Industry round table

12:30-12:45h. Awards to Best Poster and Best Presentation by a Student. Closing remarks.

12:30 – 13:00 Closing Remarks

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