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- EBSD and TEM investigation of radiation-induced stress profiles in low-activation cWC. J.M. Marshall, G. Singh, S. Srinivasen, J. Gillham

- Mössbauer characterisation and physical property measurements of Fe and Ni bonded NbC cermets. G. Peters, D. Naidoo, R.M. Genga, D. Wamwangi

- Simultaneous predictions of hardness and toughness for new cemented carbides. L. Toller-Nordström, V. Lamelas Cubero, A. Borgenstam

- Processing of WC/W based composites with low Ni addition by colloidal processing routes. A. Zegai, H. Besharatloo, P. Ortega, B. Djerdjare, B. Ferrari, A.J. Sánchez- Herencia

- Powder rheology and characterization of new and zinc recycled WC- 6%wt.Co powders.C.S. Freemantle, N. Sacks

- Solvent on granules 3D-printing of tungsten cemented carbides. E. Carreño-Morelli, L. Meylan, M. Rodríguez-Arbaizar, J.M. Tarragó, S. Moseley

- Tools for designing new sustainable composites by uniting cemented carbides and advanced high-strength steels. S. Mohammadpour-Kasehgari, L. Toller-Nordström, A. Borgenstam

- Colloidal processing and spark plasma sintering of WC with low nickel content. A. Zegai, H. Besharatloo, S. Fooladimahani, B. Djerdjare, B. Ferrari, A. J. Sanchez-Herencia

- Low-activation joining methods for cWC and RSBs on steel for nuclear applications. S. Srinivasen, J. Gillham, J.M. Marshall

- Micro/nanomechanical testing of high entropy ultra-high temperature ceramics. J. Dusza

- A Microplane single crystal model for tungsten carbidesP. V. S. Machado, F. Caner, E. Jimenez-Piqué, V. Tong, L. Llanes

- Micropillar compression of Ti(C,N)-FeNi cermets at elevated temperature: microstructural and processing effect. H. Besharatloo, M. de Nicolás-Morillas, M. Chen, B. Ferrari, E. Gordo, E. Jiménez-Piqué, J.M. Wheeler, L. Llanes

- Corrosion of hardmetals compared with the corrosion of their metallic binders. A.M. Ferro Rocha, P. Pereira, Alexandra Santos, R. Mineiro, J. Sacramento, A.C. Bastos, A.M.R. Senos

- Microtribology and tribocorrosion of hardmetals. N. Cinca, M.G. Gee


- Microstructural investigations of textured CVD AlTiN/kappa-Al2O3 wear resistant coatings. O. Bäcke, H. Petterson, D. Stiens, W. Janssen, J. Kümmel, T. Manns, H.-O. Andrén, M. Halvarsson

- Determining failure modes of engineering coatings with nanoimpact testing. M.G. Gee, H. Zhang, A. Koko

- Ceramic reinforced Inconel 625 superalloys obtained by thermal spray. S. Dosta, G. Clavé, L. Betancor, C. Barreneche


- On wear mechanisms in uncoated and Ti0.45Al0.55N-NbN coated WC-6%Co in milling near-α, α+β, and near-β titanium alloys. R. Lindvall, J.M. Bello Bermejo, A. Bjerke, J. Andersson, E. Vikenadler, R. M’Saoubi, V. Bushlya


- A duplex hard material coating of inner walls of an Al alloy for protection against corrosion and toxic bacterial growth. W. Ensinger

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